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VPN for free
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shamanka wrote in sergey_balovin
As you might know, some countries' governments are blocking an access to some resources they don't like. For example Facebook, Youtube and many others are blocked in China. This becomes popular in Russia too.

It's possible to open an access to blocked servers by usng VPN. Untill now I've been paying for this, about $10. But thanks to "In Kind Exchange" I've got an offer to use this magic key for free from guys from And hey never ased for anything in return. I insisted on a potrait myself.Then they sent me a logo:


They've got a portrait:


And a portrait became a t-shirt.


But we missed each other by this much: the t-shirt arrived to Mosow and I went to Asia.

You can consider this post an ads. Initiated by me. It was very nice that they didn't ask me anything. But when they came to know I'm going to do this, they offered me to tell you about this: on october 20-21 (today is the last day) everybody can get a free VPN access for 3 months. For details visit

[original post in Russian]
[translated by shamanka]


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